Simple Exercises to Improve Your Smile

October 29, 2018 by Newcastle Dental Care0

If you’re experiencing sagging skin, wrinkles, or general loss of tone around your mouth, you may be considering a face lift. You wouldn’t be alone; thousands of people undergo the procedure every year. But before you go under the knife – so to speak – consider trying some natural alternatives.

As in every other part of your body, there are muscles in your face that can be worked and strengthened. These muscles lose tone as we age and can make our faces look flabby and our smiles look sour. Most people who want to tighten up or strengthen other body parts, arms and legs, for example, would try exercise long before they considered something as extreme as surgery or injections. Why should your face be any different?

If you want to put a sparkle back in your smile, try these easy exercises. Even if you do decide to go with a facelift, these exercises to improve a smile will help you look even better.

The Smiling Rabbit

This exercise works the muscles in your cheeks and will help reduce wrinkles and fine lines. A mirror isn’t necessary for this one, but it might look a little silly; you may get a few odd stares if you do this at your desk, but it’s great to practice in the car on your way to work.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Make an ear-to-ear smile; you want to go as wide as you can
  2. Begin to wiggle your nose like a rabbit – you’ll feel your cheek muscles fire up
  3. Do this for five seconds
  4. Repeat 10 times, twice a day

The Simple Smile

This one is best done in front of a mirror. It will help strengthen all the muscles you use when you smile, to make them look more toned and give you greater control, so you can be ready to pull out that show-stopping smile at any time.

To begin:

  1. Press your lips together and stretch the corners of your mouth as wide as they’ll go; hold this way for ten seconds
  2. While keeping the corners of your mouth stretched, open just a little bit so you can now see the tips of your teeth; hold for ten seconds
  3. Expand your smile a little further until your teeth are halfway exposed; hold for ten seconds
  4. Make the widest smile you can, with your teeth fully showing; hold for ten more seconds
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 in reverse order, do this twice a day

Doing this exercise in front of a mirror is also a great way to figure out which smiles you like best. As you move through the full range of your smiles, you can pause on the ones you like and memorise how they feel.

A More Beautiful Smile is Only a Phone Call Away

Our faces change as we age; fine lines and wrinkles are inescapable, but that doesn’t mean you should ever stop smiling.

If your smile is causing you discomfort of making you self-conscious, and you want to do more than these exercises to improve the smile, call Newcastle Dental Care to book a consultation today. Our team of cosmetic dentistry experts will work with you to make sure you keep smiling for many years to come!

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