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Dental braces are one of the most common and effective ways to straighten and move your teeth. Essentially, they are a device made of either metal or ceramic materials, wires, and other bonding elements that attach the braces to each of your teeth. The wires produce a force in a specific and controlled manner to eventually pull or push a tooth towards a position. Over time, they correct the position of your teeth to eliminate crowding and misalignment.

The length, cost, process, and other exact details of your journey with braces will depend on your unique circumstances. When you visit Newcastle Dental for an orthodontic evaluation, your experienced dentist will be able to provide more personalised information regarding what will be involved in your instance.

Despite common belief, braces can usually be applied at any age, and most patients will be eligible for braces treatment. However, an experienced dentist or clinician will need to evaluate your mouth to ensure you are a candidate.

Our knowledgeable and friendly team at Newcastle Dental Care have extensive experience working with braces, so you can rest assured that your treatment will take place in an honest, transparent, and comfortable environment.



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