Newcastle’s Cosmetic Dentist and Citrus

Citrus fruits play a huge role in many a diet, especially in the tropics. These fruits are common, inexpensive, and provide a solid dose of tasty tartness to our morning breakfast or snack routine. They are also rich in a variety of vitamins vital to the health of our skin and immune system, such as vitamins C, B6, and potassium.

However, like the majority of the things we eat, they must be eaten with an eye to moderation. Citrus fruits, if eaten too regularly, can have a number of negative impacts upon our teeth.

The reason for this? That same tartness that we enjoy so much. It comes from citric acid, in which these fruits are rich. This substance, like most acids, can cause considerable damage to our enamel, the toughened outside of our teeth, if given the chance. Overused, the resulting cavities can result in a visit to your cosmetic dentist at Newcastle Dental.

There are a variety of methods, however, that one can employ to minimise the impacts of this acid. Swishing water around in your mouth after you enjoy your glass of lemon water or your orange can make a difference. Sugar-free gum can also encourage the production of saliva, which can remove some of the acid.

Despite the fact that it might seem counter-intuitive, brushing your teeth immediately after enjoying some citrus is not advisable. Your enamel are in a weakened state already – brushing them with abrasive toothpaste, and (relatively) hard bristles, can damage it further. Wait a solid hour before doing so.

As with everything, moderation is key. By all means, continue to enjoy this gift from nature, but do so with awareness for your oral health.

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