How to Get a Second Opinion from a Dentist

September 4, 2018 by Newcastle Dental Care0

When it comes to healthcare related examinations/procedures, you might feel unsure about the procedure or plan that your healthcare professional has presented to you. In situations like this, it never hurts to get a second opinion.

When you get an additional opinion from another qualified healthcare professional in the same field, it can help reinforce your original provider’s idea or help you realize that you might need a different option.

One of the most common fields that people get second opinions in is dentistry, regardless if it is a routine procedure or desired cosmetic alteration. Read on to learn how to get a second opinion from a dentist.

Why Should Someone Get a Second Opinion?

At the end of the day, it comes down to being as informed as you possibly can be about major, health-related decisions such as a surgery or a tricky treatment plan. Getting a second opinion helps you learn more from another qualified professional, and it will help you to make an informed decision.

As a patient of any healthcare service, it is also your right to get a second opinion. No one can force you to accept treatment without your consent.

The Process for a Second Opinion from a Dentist

Once you find a dentist that you would like to provide you with an additional opinion, then the real work begins. The main thing that you have to do now is have a thorough examination done by the new dentist whom you are getting the second opinion from.

This might seem like a bit of a hassle at first. However, it is necessary in order for the new dentist to understand the situation fully. With an examination, the dentist can make a decision about what kind of treatment he or she thinks you need.

Tips for Finding a Dentist for a Second Opinion

When you find a dentist whom you like and decide to see them regularly, chances are you will end up seeing them for a long period of time. But if something comes up and they suggest a procedure that you want additional insights on, you might not really know of another dentist to consult with. There are several resources that you can turn to find someone, such as:

  • Friends and Family: Friends and family are always a good resource because you receive strong personal accounts from people you trust about professionals that they have come to trust.
  • Current Dentist: Most dentists are perfectly fine with you wanting to get insights from another expert, and most are open to suggesting other dentists and colleagues of theirs.
  • Dental Insurance Companies: Dental insurance companies are a good resource to ask about local options for a second opinion because they have widespread connections and knowledge.
  • Special Dental Organisations: Sometimes you can find special dental-related communities. These communities include things like online forums or physical communities like a local dental school.

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