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October 29, 2018

Simple Exercises to Improve Your Smile

If you’re experiencing sagging skin, wrinkles, or general loss of tone around your mouth, you may be considering a face lift. You wouldn’t be alone; thousands of people undergo the procedure every year. But before you go under the knife – so to speak – consider trying some natural alternatives.
October 6, 2018

The Best Foods for Dental Health

Oral health is one of the first areas to decline for those with poor diets. Despite always being taught to avoid sugary foods and drinks as children, most do not realize how much the lack of nutrients from a poor diet or an overwhelming intake of fats can affect the […]
October 6, 2018

The Correct Way to Brush Teeth

Like most people, you probably assume that brushing your teeth is a mindless task that requires a brush, a squirt of toothpaste, and a lot of back and forth movement.
September 4, 2018

How to Get a Second Opinion from a Dentist

When it comes to healthcare related examinations/procedures, you might feel unsure about the procedure or plan that your healthcare professional has presented to you. In situations like this, it never hurts to get a second opinion.
September 3, 2018

How to Choose a Family Dentist

Choosing a healthcare professional that your family will go to as their primary provider is a big decision. You want the best for your family, so of course, you want to find someone that you can trust and begin a rapport with.