6 Reasons to Consider Professional Teeth Whitening


In the Newcastle area, cosmetic teeth whitening has become increasingly popular over the past five to ten years. In addition to our general dentistry services and emergency dental care, we offer reliable and helpful teeth whitening treatments. Despite some confusion and uninformed opinions in the community, there are many fair reasons for considering professional teeth whitening.

1. Professional teeth whitening is safe and effective.

When conducted by qualified dentists in a reputable clinic, teeth whitening is very safe and simple. Unlike home teeth whitening kits, you don’t need to worry about a thing when you are in the capable hands of a dental professional. The best dentists in Newcastle will ensure that you are comfortable and safe throughout the procedure.

2. Teeth whitening will improve your self-confidence.

Time and time again, it has been proven that teeth whitening can boost self-confidence and lead to a more fulfilling life.  As a local dental clinic offering cosmetic dentistry services, we have seen the significant impact that a brighter set of teeth can have. Ultimately, you will feel comfortable with yourself and willing to smile in public.

3. Teeth whitening is enhancing, not altering, your appearance.

Some people refrain from cosmetic procedures because they believe it will change their true appearance and natural traits. However, the process of teeth whitening only amplifies and highlights your natural features. Rather than completely changing how your smile appears, it adds brightness and whiteness, so your mouth is actually more prominent than before.

4. Cosmetic teeth whitening can be personalised to your needs.

The best dentists in Newcastle will provide flexibility with your teeth whitening plan. You can decide how made shades whiter you want to go, and when you will have your treatments completed. Good dental professionals won’t go ahead with any treatments or procedures before properly explaining what they involve to you and getting your certain approval.

5. Teeth whitening can complement other cosmetic procedures.

If you are already having other oral cosmetic treatments, teeth whitening can be a great supplement to these. At Newcastle Dental, we offer a wide range of cosmetic dental services, including: restoring damaged or decayed teeth, making teeth implants, designing veneers and general orthodontics Newcastle.

6. Teeth whitening is not as expensive or complex as you might think.

Although some dentists may try to rip you off or upsell unnecessary procedures, there are many affordable teeth whitening options available. The Newcastle Dental team is committed to delivering affordable dental prices to the community. In the modern day, there are also many effective tools which ensure teeth whitening is relatively quick and easy.

If you are considering teeth whitening and looking for a dentist near me to provide more information, you can contact the friendly Newcastle Dental team today. We are an Afterpay dentist in Newcastle NSW with extensive experience in cosmetic dentistry. For details and appointment bookings, call us on (02) 4949 4287.

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