Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry refers to the “restoration” or rebuilding of your teeth which have been damaged by dental caries (decay) or by traumatic injury, but can also include restoring or improving the appearance, shape, alignment or colour of your teeth (see cosmetics). Restorative Dentistry includes the restoration of both the function of your teeth as well as their appearance.

White Fillings are quickly replacing traditions filling matierials such as silver amalgam.
Also known as composite resin or porcelain inlays, white restorations now allow the tooth to be structurally supported AND look like a natural white tooth again.

Composite resin bonds to the tooth with the shade of the filling material matched to your existing tooth colour. No “setting” time required. These fillings are good to go as soon as your appointment is completed!

Porcelain Inlays

Porcelain Inlays are named as such as they replace tooth structure within the cusps of the tooth, where an onlay is more of an extensive restoration which in some cases replaces a larger portion of the tooth, holding it all together. Porcelain restorations are usually less invasive as a traditional crown and offer the tooth with much more structural strength and support. The porcelain is exceptionally strong and tends to wear at the same rate as enamel.

Unlike a normal filling that is placed directly into the cavity, porcelain inlays require customized fabrication by a dental ceramist and then bonded to the tooth at a separate appointment. While the inlay is being made, a strong temporary restoration will be placed in the cavity which will allow for you to eat and drink as you would normally.

Consequently 2 appointments are required to complete this treatment:

Appointment 1.
Tooth preparation, impression and fabrication and bonding of temporary restoration.

Appointment 2.
Removal of temporary, try in of final inlay/onlay, bond to tooth.

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