The dental literature is thick with discussions over the worst foods with which to subject your teeth. We make a habit of constantly reminding our children to avoid those rich in sugars, carbohydrates, and starch. But for every malady, there is a cure, and a number of foods can actually serve to improve our oral health. As Newcastle’s dental hygiene experts, here are some of your friends in oral health.


The link between sugar and poor health has been well-established. The residue that it leaves on our teeth becomes acidic as it reacts with our saliva, and this attacks the tough enamel on our teeth, breaching them and creating cavities. With the increased use of sugar as an additive in many foods, our teeth are under more of an onslaught than perhaps any other time in history, a trend noted by many involved in the practice of dentistry in Newcastle, and around the state.


If you’re like many thousands of young Australians in Newcastle, you are likely going to be, or have been, saddled with dental braces. Many adults have some distinct memories of their experiences, as these simple and effective appliances have been straightening and aligning smiles for decades.

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